Fraternal Forest

Wilderness and Adventure School

What we do in the woods


Long uninterrupted stretches of time devoted to free play have been beneficial to children during millions of years. Language and thought has its roots outdoors, where the shadows shift and the weather morphs structures and sensations. Modernization and standardization of childhood and education is depriving children of it. But we can improve. Let's change this path, let's rewild the children.

Bring the kids to play with us in the forest. There we will support them as they explore Mars, they get lost in a jungle or in a cave under water. We will be nearby while they build shelters, look for hidden treasures or magic doors. We'll cook stick bread and help them use tools. But most importantly we will keep them quiet company while they play their risky games, and spot them while they climb trees. They can fail, rejoice, bruise, scratch, get muddy, play, collaborate, discover, believe or disbelieve. It is all an experiment.


For the 6.5 - 11 years old crowd

Saturdays and Sundays 10 AM-2PM rain or shine


Never the same.